Different confirmation text for signup and login

After signing up or logging in with the portal, the same text saying “If the email doesn’t arrive in 3 minutes, be sure to check your spam folder!” appears.

This can be misleading, because it doesn’t explicitly mention that you have to click the link in the email to actually sign up.

In fact, a few of my members had trouble with this as well, thinking they signed up when they didn’t finish the process.

It would be a good idea to include more explicit direction in this window after someone has signed up, as opposed to logging in

While I fully understand and agree with you, until the Ghost dev team make changes to the process / overall flow of the portal, there is a work-around given by the Ghost team.

You can edit your config.production.json file and add the portal part to it and thereby, load the portal.min.js script directly from your theme (instead of from the unpkg CDN).

Doing that allows you to edit this text, placeholders and the “Publish with Ghost” button text and link.

That said, you got my vote.

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Thanks for the answer. Assuming that editing the config is not accessible on Ghost pro, correct?

Correct. This is why I will never use their hosting.