Signup cards are broken in new editor

Issue Summary

I am using the latest Ghost version and have activated the beta of the new editor.
In my editor view I added the new signup card which looks correctly like that:

But in the preview and after published the post it looks like that (and nope that’s not a screenshot from a small display):

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Wrote article
  2. Placed the signup card
  3. Added a photo and slightly changed the text
  4. Published it
  5. Checked it with Safari and Chrome

Setup information

Ghost Version

Node.js Version

How did you install Ghost?
Followed the offical tutorial

Provide details of your host & operating system
Debian 12, MySQL 8, nginx as webserver

Database type

Browser & OS version
Chrome 115 and latest Safari

Which theme is this? Can you link the live site?

The new card requires updates to a theme’s styles. All official themes have been updated, but you’ll need to make sure you’re using the latest version on your site. For third-party themes, you’ll need to get the latest update from your theme developer.

Fore more info, see here: Ghost Theme Features: The Editor - Documentation

Thanks @RyanF! I will reach out to the developer of my theme. :slight_smile: Sorry for making a false alarm.

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