Signup Cards In Posts Created Without Beta Editor

Hello! I have a number of posts on my site and just now enabled the beta Ghost editor because I’d like to add signup cards into all of my posts. It seems that I can only use this new signup card feature in new posts I create, not any of my previous ones. If i go to edit a previous one, the signup card option is not available.

How can I use this new feature in previous posts I’ve created?


In the early stages of the beta only newly created posts use the new editor, this was done as each editor uses a different underlying format and converting content would be a one-way deal which isn’t great in an early beta that may have had unknown issues.

The beta has improved a lot and is nearing readiness for release so we’ll soon be adding auto-conversion of old posts when they are opened in the editor when you have the beta enabled. At that point you’ll be able to add the signup card to your old posts.

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Got it. Thanks for the explanation and quick reply!