Signup form in a static frontend

I have a static landing page, hosted on github pages. It has a newsletter signup form.

I’d like this form to add users as members of our blog.

The API documentation says:

Admin API keys should remain secret, and therefore this promise-based JavaScript library is designed for server-side usage only. This library handles all the details of generating correctly formed urls and tokens, authenticating and making requests.

Any suggestions on how I can wire up this signup form on our static page without exposing the API keys?

Hey @Auryn :wave:
I would suggest using Formspree and Zapier to link your static HTML form to your Ghost members. Formspree have documented how you can hook one of their forms to Zapier here:

Formspree forms work anywhere and require minimal modification to your existing HTML form to wire it up to their service.

After you’ve connected the form to Formspree and linked it with Zapier you can then use our Zapier integration to listen out for form submissions and add new members when an email is submitted:

Hope this info helps! :blush:

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