Creating lead generation form

Hi — I’m using ghost as my company’s blog, and I’m trying to publish a report that I want to be behind a lead generation form. By this, I mean that in order for a user to read the content, they must supply us with their information (FN, LN, Email).

Once a user supplies that information, the report will be downloaded and the user information will be stored into our CRM, which is Zendesk Sell.

I can’t find documentation on how to do that. Does anyone know if / how this is possible or direct me to documentation?

Thank you!

Hey @gberber :wave:
You can achieve this with Ghost’s beta members feature. You could create a sign up form for people to submit their information to, and then use Zapier to “zap” that entry to Zendesk Sell. Looks like Zendesk Sell is on Zapier for you to use:

You’ll need to wire it up to the right options in Ghost, (member created, deleted, etc).

You’ll also be able to limit access to your content to only members, by using the ‘Members only’ option in each post or page settings. Check out our documentation on Members (beta) for more information:

Hope this helps! The community is here if you need more help :smiley: