Simply - Theme has a fresh design and is looking pretty elegant


How do I remove the Tags menu?


Hello :nerd_face: @kurulumu_net

For the next version I will remove that sub-menu.

To remove comment out these lines of code or delete it

Thank you for the answer.
I updated the TR language file for the theme. There were some shortcomings. Now all is ok: D

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:nerd_face: Hello @kurulumu_net

Thank you for being part of Simply.
I’m very happy for your help.

You also gave me a good idea to organize the language :+1:

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This theme is great!!

One issue I faced was setting up the newsletter page, the button doesn’t seem to work. I am using formspree for the form action url.

:nerd_face: Hello @rattle

Excuse me. I forgot to update the html documentation.

To fix this you just have to add the following classes to the button.

button button--dark button--large

Just tried it but the button doesn’t seem to invoke action.

<button class="godo-ne-button button button--dark button--large" type="submit">Subscribe</button>

Any plans to integrate Ghost membership?

This is really nice. One UX issue I’ve noticed on the demo is that you have a footer as well as infinite scroll. I often find this a bit difficult as when I scroll to the footer, I can see the footer links for a moment, then they are pushed off-screen as more stories load. Just a point for you to consider.


I have never used Simply before, but the description looks attractive. I used Medium earlier, and there are really some restrictions that I do not like. So I need to try Simply by all means now. I am from and I believe it is accessible from everywhere, right? What do I need to know before I start using this application?

Hello @amaitu

You’re absolutely right, that’s one of the problems. The solution I’m seeing is that it will automatically scroll to the second page. Then on that page it will stop and have a button that says more articles. When the person clicks on the read more articles button then the infinite scroll will be activated. By this I mean that the person will have the time to read what he has in the footer.

Hi @afragos

In my free time I’m working on the mockup for the new version of Simply with membership support


Nice, yeah I think that’s an elegant solution

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Interested to see how it looks like on mobile.


For the membership page I will create a very customizable page where you can change parts of the page from the dashboard of Ghost.