Simply - Theme has a fresh design and is looking pretty elegant

Hi @GodoFredoNinja! Really loving the theme.
I would really appreciate it if you could help me out on my post: Replacing author underneath post with “Read Article” - help?
Thanks :)

Hi @GodoFredoNinja and community.

Does anybody know if there’s a quick way to change the whole font used in this theme?

I want to start using Atkinson Hyperlegible and I’ve uploaded the .ttf file via the theme, this is now situated on /font/ created under the assets folder.

Is there a quick way to replace the font in the whole theme via CSS?

Many thanks in advance.


This is a great theme! I don’t know if @GodoFredoNinja is still around, but I took the liberty of porting his Theme to React/Gatsby so that it can be used for super-fast static blog generation, while using Ghost as headless CMS.
You can check the demo or go straight to the repo if you are interested!

Are you will update theme?

Oh my god. You saved my day. :heart_eyes:

My website is a news website and we are publishing 3-7 posts in a day. Do we need to make the build every time we are publishing a post?

Yes, that’s how static generation works. But the builds are rather quick, so 3-7 posts a day should not be an issue.

Do you have any capability to create a React/Next.js version of this one?

No, sorry, I’m not planning on that.

Ohh nice theme, I am bookmarking this as I am a newbie and I like it, os I may use it later <3

hello! I have opened an issue on gihub, however, maybe here the answer might be quicker:

  1. Dark theme logo - when following the instructions I get blue square with question mark. The logo was added to the archive.

  2. And I have noticed that in personal homepage the hamburger menu on mobile is far right, out of the edge of the screen. Any fix?

I’ve figured out hamburger menu issue - the logo was too big! got rid of search bar and played around with logo sag size and voila. However, dark mode logo problem persists… :frowning:

You are right. You can also see these ghost themes

Hi GodoFredo

I’m trying to make the title disappear so that it doesn’t block the banner. What’s the best way to do that? Moving the title text to the right is also acceptable. Thank you!


Bumping. Does anyone know how I can make this work?