Siskin - Podcast Ghost Theme

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce we released a new Podcast Ghost Theme called :point_right: Siskin :point_left:

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Siskin is a Ghost Podcast theme designed specifically for podcasters, vloggers, course creators and advisers. Siskin theme includes full features to help you set up and manage your podcast community website with ease.

We like to say that Siskin is a presentation & podcast Ghost theme. If you are an advisor, life coach or influencer and you would like to run a podcast that is combined with membership - Siskin is a perfect Ghost theme for you.

A special offer for early adopters: First users to use the discount code siskin25 will get 25% off.

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Feel free to get in contact with us - we are here for any questions.

Since we are new Ghost Theme creators we would also like to hear feedback from the community.

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Your themes are insane! If Heron was cheap, I would definitely buy it.

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Thanks, we will make sure to run some promotions in the future.