Best Theme for My Requirements

Hi - new to the Ghost community. I have a new podcast launching in August along with my second book. I also have online courses, currently hosted through Thinkific, and a blog. I’d like to add a membership component at some point and potentially a community forum feature. I’d also like to potentially migrate my courses away from Thinkific and just embed them in gated pages. My current site is hosted on Squarespace and I want to migrate to Ghost. I know I have a lot going on here. I want the main focus to be the podcast and my new book. Any recommendations on what the best (or most flexible) theme might be for me to use? I’ve come across Hue from Aspire which appears to be a new theme with a podcast section for the landing page. Any thoughts on that theme? Any recommendations on others? If it makes any difference, I love the IndieHackers site and that type of look and feel. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Not sure if the style would suit what you’re after, but the Wave theme looks like a rather nice one for podcasting. Doesn’t seem to have membership functionality built in though.

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Hi @ballgame168,

I don’t have any answers for you, but will be really interested to see what you come up with. I’m gearing up to launch a new blog and after months flipping between Ghost and Squarespace, decided I liked the fuss-free interface of Ghost. Eventually I want to host a podcast, online learning programs which may be different to memberships, and a forum. I suspect I’d need a custom theme developed at some point, which I might try develop myself but at present I’m simply tweaking an existing theme and seeing what I can achieve with memberships, routing and collections (e.g. I’m trying to get a 10-post online learning program, visible only to members, using a collection and hidden from the main blog… I haven’t tried hard yet but it sounds feasible). Hey developers: please make a theme that nicely supports podcasts and member-based ‘series of posts’ aka online learning :slight_smile:

If you find something out of the box that works please share! I’m really interested to hear what you come up with and to read about your migration over to Ghost also.

Thanks to both of you for your comments.

@Stromfeldt I reached out to iVeel and they confirmed that Wave does not have have membership functionality. Other than that, I liked how it looked.

@kater Sounds like we have similar requirements. You should design the theme we need and I will purchase it from you! :grinning: I suspect you are right and I am going to need a custom theme at some point. I think I may just need to work with an existing theme (maybe Hue from Aspire) and use that for the time being until a better theme is released or I get something custom designed. Perfect is the enemy of good as they say. Once on Ghost, with content developed, memberships, etc., how hard is it to migrate to a new or different theme?