Site design preview not showing 🤨

I made a theme from scratch and everything appears to be working except for one thing - the site design preview doesn’t show in the settings. It’s just a blank page.

I know that it’s my theme because it works if I switch to a different theme. It’s the same for both localhost and on the server.

I’ve checked the package.json and nothing looks different. The header and footer looks the same as the working theme. Is there some sort of hook that I need to declare in my theme?

So confused right now.

Hey @dottedsquirrel,

You could have a look at the log files in your Ghost install directory under content/logs/[site_url].error.log. There might be something in there that can give some insight as to what’s going on. Feel free to post the output here as well.


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I got this error. Not sure what it’s talking about since the theme is activated and works fine on frontend, but just hiccuping on the preview. Similar log on live server with https.

  name: "Log",
  hostname: "LAPTOP",
  pid: 11212,
  level: 50,
  err: {
    id: "57b92640-298e-11ed-9446-311e638ab370",
    domain: "http://localhost:2368/",
    code: "ENOENT",
    name: "InternalServerError",
    statusCode: 500,
    level: "critical",
    message: 'Unable to activate the theme "starter".',
    stack: "Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, copyfile 'D:\\GitHub\\ghost\\versions\\5.9.1\\core\\frontend\\src\\admin-auth\\index.html' -> 'D:\\GitHub\\ghost\\content\\public\\admin-auth\\index.html'\n    at Bridge.activateTheme (D:\\GitHub\\ghost\\versions\\5.9.1\\core\\bridge.js:74:27)",
    hideStack: false,
  msg: 'Unable to activate the theme "starter".',
  time: "2022-09-01T00:38:05.222Z",
  v: 0,