Cloned ghost theme not showing in local host

I am attempting to clone a custom Ghost Theme that I am building (link here).

I created a new directory, ran ghost install local, then ran cd content/theme, then cloned the theme into there. Next, I change into the cloned themes folder and ran ghost restart. However, it is not showing my cloned theme it is showing the Casper theme that was created after I ran ghost install local

Here is a video showing my process and what I am seeing on my end. As you can see it is loading the Casper theme and not my custom theme in localhost… What am I doing wrong?

Did you go into the Ghost Admin part of your site and activate your theme after you cloned it? I didn’t see it in your video (although it was a bit hard to read the small text…)

You need to go into the Themes area on your site, click the advanced toggle, then you should see your newly installed theme. Click ‘activate’, and you should be good to go!

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Well that is what I was doing wrong. Thank you for pointing that out, I am up and running now. Cheers!

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Awesome. Glad I could help. :)

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