Size of Header / Start-Picture

  1. Where can I make the image very flat? Is it too high?

  2. I don’t want to have a search field in it, but rather e.g. B. an announcement or the link for a membership. How does it work?

#2 Are you using Source? If so, go to /ghost, click the settings button (gear in lower left), then design & branding > customize. On the right side of the page that opens, look for the “Homepage” tab. If you put it in “Landing” layout, that’ll get you a subscription box. Note that the entire box disappears for people who’ve already subscribed.

#1 You could adjust the height of that section with code injection. Link the active page if you need help with the selectors. Or here’s a tutorial: Code Injection 101

Tripoli (Theme) may also solve the problem differently. But why is it so complicated? The idea is that it is easy. The opposite is the case. ;-)

Tripoli doesn’t have a big header like that, so if you’re switching themes, your question might not be relevant! :)

The only way to see the bar is to set “Search”. But I can’t adjust the height and the function inside. :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

See above. Log out if you aren’t seeing the subscription box.

If you want to always have the image visible even for people who have subscribed, take a look at Casper instead.

You will need to use code injection to adjust the height, if you don’t like the defaults.

What is Code-Injection? With all systems, everything is either intuitive or there are lots of videos about it (for example Wordpress or Substack). Nobody (except 0.000001% of people) understands program code and wants to have anything to do with it. I’m almost desperate here.

Just a friendly note that you’re on a community support forum, talking to an unpaid volunteer. If you’re paying for managed hosting, you may want to contact you host for support.

If you need more help than your host will provide, consider reaching out to someone in the Ghost experts directory for paid help. Ghost Experts

Please excuse. I certainly appreciate your help. But (I’m new to Ghost) it feels like the Linux of blogging platforms. There is little or little help. You need a computer science degree and there are hardly any internet videos about it. And 50% of the time there is no response at all to support.

If you click on Contact Support after registering, the computer’s email client (Welcome to the 90s) opens with the recipient address

In summary: Nothing is intuitive. At Substack there is an AI helper (we have a larger publication there) that provides very professional help. The publication was online in 90 minutes. After 12 hours here I still don’t understand how I create sections (perhaps they have a completely different name here), why the article images (I created 3 test articles) don’t show images in Proview (unless you use the image as a feature ABOVE the article) .

I would really like to work with Ghost in the future, but at the moment I only see chaos and no easy application (like everywhere else)

Hey @RyanF, it sounds like there’s a link somewhere that isn’t set up right. (Maybe @Anna can provide a screnshot showing where)

@Anna, if you’re paying Ghost Pro for hosting, their email is (If you don’t have a address then you’re someone else’s customer, and will need to figure out who to contact.)

You’re correct that the featured image for an article gets put above the title in the editor. Whether it’ll be there in the published post depends on the theme, but that featured post is the one that shows on the index page. (I’m assuming that’s what you meant by ‘proview’, but I don’t really know?)

I don’t know what you mean by a section. But if you’d like to explain what you’re trying to do, I or another volunteer will try to help.

It shouldn’t take 12 hours to set up a Ghost publication. I can do it in <15 minutes, if I have all the information I need at the start.

I help lots of folks who are just stuck on something small when they post to the forum. I also offer paid help, if you want more help than you can get for free on the forum. But it sounds from the tone of this post like you have decided that Substack is a better fit for you.

Best wishes!

Many thanks for your help. I would get back to you tomorrow with specific questions, (and screenshots), etc. OK?

Please excuse me if it is certainly not complete.

  1. You can adjust (see the demo here with the free theme) so that the bar (search function or whatever) is further down. At Substack these are different areas. With Wordpress too. At Ghost? No idea. How does this search bar come down?
  1. How do I set up different areas? (see in the demo, which by the way looks great?, i.e. the items at the top in this design, below (another section) in a different arrangement, etc.?

  1. In all other CMS systems, the areas (example: sports, politics, culture, art, etc.) are called sections. I can’t find this function here. It cannot be tags, as tags are always assigned per article. How do I create sections?

  2. There is the background color (of the page), but also the color in the background of the ghost page. How do I change this color? Currently it is a darker white. I would like it to be a little darker.

  3. How can I export a completely saved design (if the 14 day test is not enough) in order to continue working on this design for another 2 - 3 days in a different/new test account?

Please excuse any linguistic misunderstandings (I’m not a native speaker)

(1) Source has multiple layouts possible. If you want one that looks like the screenshot, you need to change the “Header Style” to either Highlight or Magazine.
(note that until you have multiple posts published, it may look weird.)

(2-3) Many themes do create layouts showing posts grouped by tag on the front page. Source does not do this. Headline does. (You’ll enter them in the same Design & Branding section.) Here’s the demo for headline:

All Ghost themes do provide a page that groups posts with the same tag together. So you’d find your ‘politics’ posts at /tag/politics. You could go to settings > navigation to add links to those pages if desired.

(4) Also available under settings (the gear icon) > design & branding.

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Hi Anna,
I am also new to Ghost but I think I can help you with the “Sections” question. The theme “Ease” has under the Featured Articles “Sections” based on tags. In other words, it will automatically create Sections listing the articles associated with a tag.
I’m sure Ease is not the only theme that does this but that would be the function you would need, listings by tag.
The discussion here might also be of help Recommendations for content-dense themes?

(added: Cathy posted a more thorough answer while I was writing…)


That’s a great suggestion, @SJH !


First of all, thank you for your valuable support. I’m planning a long night of work on my laptop today.

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Quick question : If I want to transfer a complete Substack publication with approx. 25 articles (4 sections) plus 3 subpages (About us, news and updates) from Substack to Ghost, theoretically all sections and individual areas will be transferred too, right?