Social Icons in Ghost

Just signed up. Is it correct that I have to code to add social icons??? This seems like a really good way to keep new users from signing up.

Hi @Aaron_Olson, what do you mean by social icons?

If you go to Settings, General and scroll down you can find the Social Accounts.

Here you can put the URL of your accounts

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U are amazing! Thanks! When I searched for this topic, all I got was this Tutorial: How to add social networks to your Ghost site

Thought I was gonna have to learn to code just to get a couple of icons on my site. Any chance we can add more than just Twitter and FB? for example on my Wordpress site I’ve got a bunch.
Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 9.03.01 PM

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Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible add more.

You will need to update the theme’s code to add additional icons. The update isn’t too bad, though, as you can follow the example of the Facebook and Twitter icons.

As the @TheRoyalFig said, you need to change the theme for that.

Or maybe look for a theme that has that kind of social icons already.

Can you please give a look at my article about Ghost Themes and or go to the marketplace to look around social icons ( I don’t know if the themes on the article have that, but I will look into updating the article with that info for the future).