How to add additional social media icons on the Edition theme

Hi there,

We have gone through the tutorial documentation, How to add social media icons to your theme, but we were not able to replicate it for the Edition theme. Do you have a tutorial that shows how to do it on the Edition theme?

We were not able to find the class “gh-head-actions” in the default.hbs

We did find the class “head-actions”, which has the existing social media icons, in the partials/header.hbs. Is this where we need to make the change?

We were trying to add the Instagram and YouTube icons.

The site is:
Running Ghost 5.0 version,

Thank you for your help in advance.


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Hi Mille - I’m new to Ghost but I have just added icons to my site so this is fresh in memory. I’ve pulled the Edition theme and lifted the hood.

You’re right - it appears the header.hbs file is the place you want to edit. Go with the classes used by the icons that are already there in the Edition theme rather than the ones in the tutorial. They are doing the same thing - specifying size and color.

You’re doing great - keep trying stuff!

Regards, Pete