Source theme - categories

Does Source Ghost theme have a categories page out of the box?

I don’t understand exactly what you mean? Can you elaborate?

Like a page with a list of tags or collections?

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Nope. But it’d be an hour of work to build one, if someone wanted to fund it.

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HI, I created a category page for my blog on source theme. You can take it. although don’t blindly use my zip, it has some social profiles hardcoded. You need to modify the social-box.hbs for putting your own social links. otherwise if should work, although, I might be leaving some CSS, I cant remember, let me know if it does not work. I will find the missing CSS.

basically that custom-tags.hbs is the theme for category page. Create any page and name it categories/tag/or whatever you want, then select tags as the page’s theme.

this is the skeleton, that remains now, It used to look okay on live site.