Source: Landing Page Layout


I’ve been a Ghost user for over a year now with a few different sites/themes. The latest default theme ‘Source’ has a feature I cannot for the life of me find how to activate. I’ve been scraping the web for a solution and even created a generic account to tinker and find it. Any ideas? has multiple posts/pages that talk about their latest default theme “source” having a built-in landing page option. Yet I cannot find anything more on it, or any settings to “activate” it in the editor. Am I overlooking an easy option somewhere?

Their blog post announcing it is here:

What am I overlooking?

Go to settings (the gear icon from /ghost). Design and branding > customize. Then look on the far right side (right above where it’ll show Source is activated) for the homepage tab. That’s where you can select which layout style you want - you should see a dropdown with Landing, Magazine, Highlight, Search, and Off options.

Note that the ‘landing’ feature only shows up for users who are NOT logged in, so you may not see anything different if you’re logged into your site as a member! Try logging out via Portal.


Thanks Cathy, I’ll give it a shot!

I’m using the Casper theme and my only options are Header Style and Feed Layout. Is this a theme limitation or is there anyway to customize layout more?

What are you trying to accomplish?