Source Theme Customization + adding new blocks to home

I’m trying to add a few more blocks to the default Source theme such as

BIO, to introduce author on the homepage

Promotion, to link to some products and offers,

I created bio.hbs under components, and placed under cta block in home.hbs,
I updated the theme and activated

however I can’t see any blocks I added.
What am I missing?

Btw im using Ghost Pro.
not sure if I need to or can restart the ghost



What’s in bio.hbs? A syntax error in a partial would cause it to output nothing, which matches the behavior you’re seeing…

thank you mate. I just added screnshots to the original post.

I copied the structire from cta.hbs
so it should be fine.

do you know if I need to somehow restart the ghost in Pro plan?
I used to host custom ghost on digital ocean, in there I needed to start everytime I updated a new file.

You don’t need to restart in ghost pro.

Nothing is jumping out at me.

Things to check:
Are you sure you zipped the theme and uploaded a freshly zipped file, not the original? You could confirm by trying again or downloading from ghost and checking that the download has bio.hbs.

Are you sure the edited theme got activated? If you’re using GitHub deploy, it doesn’t activate the theme the first time you do it…

Are you sure you saved after editing (picture shows unsaved changes) and before zipping?

Sorry for the silly questions, but if I had a nickel for each time I made one of these…

It’s hard to debug by uploading a theme - you can’t see any errors or logging. You may want to consider moving to local development, if you plan a lot of work on your theme. I use WSL on windows, and it makes my work so much faster.

thanks mate!

yes I made sure I have zipped and uploaded the edited files.
not a silly suggestion at all : ) we all miss it.

I manually upload and activate.
I even tried to put my bio code directly into home.
it doesnt show.
thats why I thought, mayeb RESTARTING ghost work differently in Pro.

anyways, I will try again. thank you mate!

Do your new variables show up on the site? In the settings right above the theme name?

yes I see them in the theme sidebar as inputs.

I’m interested in adding additional elements to pages, and I’m curious to see if your site looks like what I think it looks like. Do you mind sharing a screenshot of where you added the bios? I’m hoping to display posts for a certain tag on a page and it sounds like that might be what you’re doing with author bios.