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Hello, I hope I haven’t opened this topic in the wrong place.

Hello, I am using the Source theme. When we enter the content of a written article, there are spaces on the edges of the text. I want to add ads to those spaces. How should I go about this? The ad I added will appear when I enter from a computer. Those margins do not exist on mobile, so I want the ad to appear only when I enter the site from a computer or larger screens.

I added a screenshot, I marked the place where I want the ad to be added in the screenshot, how can I add an ad to the place I marked, I would be very happy if you could help me with this, thank you in advance.


What ad provider are you using? Or is this something where you’re creating ads manually?

It will be created using Adsense, that screenshot was made as a drawing, I drew it myself because I wanted where I wanted the ad to be seen.

I will add the ad using Adsense, but as I said, I do not know how to add it there. I would be very grateful to someone who can help me with this.

@EchoBilisim I see that the Source theme doesn’t come with a sidebar feature, so you would need to implement that, and you’ll need to implement separately for posts and homepage.

There’s a few ways to do this. Here’s one way.

Step 1: Create a new sidebar.hbs & style it. (you might want to use something like justify-content, margin left with <aside>
Step 2: Create an ad-sidebar.hbs & add your adsense/medivine code here, just a simple <div>
Step 3: Style your sidebar.hbs & reference your ad-sidebar.hbs example: {{>"ad-sidebar"}}
Step 4: Reference your sidebar.hbs to your post.hbs(for post) and default.hbs (if you want on homepage)

You can also include your recent articles on your sidebar, just add this into your sidebar.hbs

Adsense Auto Ads feature automatically adds this on desktop screens - you should try it out.