SSL issues with self hosted Ghost

Hey all, I have used GhostPro for my personal blog but have decided that I want to start a separate content project as well. My new content project is hosted with GhostPro but I moved my personal blog to a self-hosted version. I used the Digital Ocean Droplet and was able to finish all the tasks last night. However, when visting my blog without the “www” then it shows me a certificate issue and when looking at my Plausible statistics it seems most visitor are not able to see my blog. What could be the issue? Should I run Lets Encrypt again but it was part of the normal Ghost installation?

This is my blog: => Certificate issue => works fine

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can use ghost-cli to request additional domains - you just want to be sure you follow this guide to properly redirect to the main domain. You shoudl do this for the non-www domain - since it seems you setup the www domain.