Wordpress to self-hosted Ghost issues

Hey guys, nice to meet you all.

I’m moving from WordPress to Ghost, I’m not a dev but I followed a youtube video and it was quite easy to set up a DigitalOcean server and install Ghost on it.

My self-hosted Ghost website is online at https://adriaticrypto.org/, unfortunately, the plugin export failed so I was forced to use just the .json file, later I will try to upload also the images.

Before self-hosting, I quickly tried the free version of Ghost(.)org that is actually online at https://adriatic-crypto-hub.ghost.io/.

I’m having 3 issues:
1 - As you can see, scrolling down in the self-hosted version is not loading older post.

2 - The subscribe button on the low-right corner of the page is not appearing in the self-hosted version.

3 - In the admin dashboard, design contents of the blog are not loading.

I don’t understand why I’m having these issues, I just set up the website without touching anything. The theme is the same and all the options are the same.

I attached a screenshot for each issue.

My guess is that something went wrong or was configured incorrectly during your installation. Which URL did you use to configure Ghost?

It was just a few clicks to install everything, there is basically nothing that could have gone wrong.

I just followed the steps in this video Part 5: Setting up Ghost from the terminal - YouTube.
I used http://adriaticrypto.org/.

It looks like your site is mixing http and https. If you intended to SSL when installing Ghost, that should have been reflected in the site URL.

As explained in the tutorial linked in my previous reply, initially the URL should be http:// and after the SSL encryption the URL will become https://.

Take a look at the HTML source; resources are not secure, but the server redirects to https.

Try using ghost config url https://adriaticrypto.org.

The tutorial is incorrect:

Blog URL

Enter the exact URL your publication will be available at and include the protocol for HTTP or HTTPS. For example, https://example.com. If you use HTTPS, Ghost-CLI will offer to set up SSL for you.

It’s always a good idea to refer to the official documentation.


I created again the server and this time during the setup I used the https:// link and it works regularly now, thanks!

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