Static page - no option

Hi, ive just installed ghost recently through my host and i dont seem to have any options for making a page/post into ‘static’…its strange. I cant see what version of ghost they have provided as yet.

Any thoughts on this?



This forum post might be what you’re looking for (and it’s no longer available)

A page is already ‘static’ - ‘static page’ was the old checkbox name before posts/pages became fully separate entities.

aha…well that would be it then…i was trying to add a contact page to my blog and got as far as ‘make a page static’ and obviously came to a halt. Im totally new to ghost and coding things. I bought a theme which is supposed to have these things ready to go, but sadly, not all elements are, infact, for for purpose. Contacts page is one on them.

Thanks for the advice