Can't seem to find toggle to make a post a page

Hi, do forgive me if I’m asking a rather simple question or rather silly one - I’m using the ‘Massively’ theme on Ghost 2.23.4 (running through the one-click droplet creation on DigitalOcean) and am failing to find the setting that allows you to convert a post into a page - as discussed here: Instead, I am only seeing a single checkbox - to make the post a featured post. I was wondering whether the ability to choose this option was theme specific or if I am missing something.

Many thanks

Hello! See this thread:

Yeah they removed this. I mentioned here before that I think it’s a pity. It was a useful feature. I’m sure many of us made a lot of drafts, as posts for example, intending to make them pages before publishing (or vice versa). Now that option is gone.

I agree the admin looks better now and it makes sense. But they could still have let that little checkbox remain?

That FAQ was a bit out of date (sorry about that!) I’ve just fixed it. Pages were previously a subset of posts, but now are now first class citizens and have their own area in Ghost Admin where it’s even easier to find + create them:

Thanks very much all for the rapid answer! Apologies - I absolutely should have had a glance at the issues on the Ghost GitHub, but simply did not consider looking there. Thanks!!