Stripe User Issue

I’m running 3.42.4.

I have a member that originally paid and was provided membership. However, now their payment has failed and the subscription status is Past Due.
Therefore I would expect for the user to now be provided access to any of my member content. On checking via the impersonate feature I can see that they can still get access.

Any ideas?


past_due means that the customer is in Stripe’s payment retry state during which they’ll still have access. Once retry has failed the customer will be moved to unpaid which removes access. I believe you can modify the retry behaviour in your Stripe account.

Thanks, you were spot on. For anyone else looking into this here is some further info:

Hi Kevin,

I believe that many users would be grateful if you or someone from the Ghost staff updated the official Ghost documentation with this piece of information. Especially so considering that the default behavior of this affects sites in an overall negative way, which of course is of no fault of Ghost.

I for one thought that if a re-occurring payment did not go through as intended, the subscription would be put on hold or even cancelled until payment was successfully received – not the other way around.

I agree that the responsibility falls on me and other users to check, read and learn about this. That said, the current process does seem to be the opposite to what a normal process flow would be and I am surprised to learn that Stripe does it this way.

Now that I have learned more about it, I have changed my Stripe preferences - making sure that one attempt in 1 day is all the user gets – then the subscription is cancelled.