Struggling to figure out which user has ghost installed so that i can update ghost

Hi all,

I have a ghost blog setup on a digital ocean droplet. I’m a little bit of a command line novice and struggle with this sort of thing, but everything has worked fine thus far. I’m now trying to update my ghost instance and running into trouble. If I’m logged in as either root@ or ghost-migr@, I get the error “Working directory is not a recognisable Ghost installation.” I followed directions from a different forum post and navigated to the subdirectory /var/www/ghost/ and got a little further with ghost update, at first there were permissions problems but I pasted whatever the logging told me to to fix the errors, and then lastly I got a “EACCES: permission denied, open '/var/www/ghost/.ghost-cli” error. Any suggestions? How would I go about finding out which user installed ghost?

I’m not a huge CLI expert either, but I just tried this. Type which ghost and then use the path to that file after typing ls -l and it should show you the owner and group.