Subscribe field to link directly to portal

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How do I link the Subscribe field and button (see here) to direct to the portal/signup page, where users can signup for one of the paid tiers. Right now people are able to submit their email address in the field, but I want this field to take users directly to the portal (with no option of either just submitting their email addresses or free signups).

The Solo theme does this on the homepage.
Here’s the relevant code from that theme:

What you need is the data-portal attribute. You will probably have to set data-portal="signup".

You can find all those links/data attributes in your Admin > Settings > Portal.

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Thanks for the response.

So, I just change the Sign in and Sign up links to data-portal=“signup”?

I’m using the Source theme – would it work for that too?

The data attributes are not theme specific so it should work in any theme.

I tried this, but it did not work :(

Can you share your website and point out where you added the data-portal attribute?

Hi @brightthemes

I cannot edit the site theme because I’m on the Starter Plan :(

But I have the same Links page on the Settings>Portal. See here.

Can I insert something in the Code injection section?

This is exactly what I’m trying to do! anyone able to help?

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