Subscriber Box Not Working, Bloggin Theme

My subscriber card pops up whenever you click on any of the places to sign up. However, it does not allow entries. If you put in information, you get a spinning whele and failed attempt error message.

I do not have an email service or strip setup, but I figure it would allow you to create a list of users by signing up.

Any thoughts?

Are you able to share your site URL?

I have messaged you.

It seems to have not worked from the start. I did adjust the theme later on, but I don’t think that caused it.

Thanks for sharing.

You do need to have email configured for the sign up to work correctly.

This is because a member will only be added to your site after confirming their email. This helps fight spam and ensures that users are opting in.

If you’re just looking to collect sign ups and don’t want to configure email, then you could look at using a form service like Google Forms or Formspree.

Okay thank you. Are there any free email services? I was reluctant because I don’t want to pay for something when I have no users.

The official recommendation is Mailgun, which offers a generous free tier.

I’ve used them when I’ve self-hosted and never paid anything.

Here’s Ghost’s documentation on configuration:

Biron Themes also has a nice guide on setting it up:

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