Liebling theme Newsletter signup (Failed to sign up, please try again) error

my site is self-hosted at

When trying to sign-up, users receive an error “Failed to sign up, please try again.”
But subscribing through the Subscribe button on the theme header seems to be working fine:

Any ideas?


Another interesting observation: I’ve got 2 blogs. Same theme (Liebling), newsletter enabled, but 1 site is self-hosted on DigitalOcean, the other paid GhostPro:

  • self-hosted has issues as above (can’t subscribe) + all the Mailgun confirmation emails land in Spam folder (Gmail)
  • GhostPro: sign-up via portal works as it should, and the mails land in Inbox …

WTF. Is that what those extra $30 buy? :slight_smile:

Final update:
In the end, I went (back) to GhostPro. $29/month for peace of mind and time+nerves saved is more than fair. They helped me with the migration (free with an annual plan), and it’s now all done within a couple of hours. Newsletter subscriptions work too, and they don’t end up in Gmail’s spam folders (same address, etc.!).

I can’t recommend GhostPro service enough (and no, I’m not paid for that —- on contrary, I’m paying two subscriptions :wink:

I have the same issue, simply get this msg - Failed to sign up, please try again. i think this thread should kept open

I use cloudron to manage ghost and this helped me fix the issue