Subscription-related wording is illogical and Ghost-biased


For those of us who are lone bloggers, having a reference to ‘team’ in the subscription confirmation email is illogical and instils a sense of disingenuity.

I would also go as far as to say change ‘For your security, the link will expire in 24 hours time’ to ‘For your security, the link will expire in 24 hours’.

I would then go even further and remove ‘All the best!’. This is the voice of Ghost and should be neutral. I wouldn’t say that. Just leave it out.

The same applies to the example of Jamie Larson in the subscription sign-up fields, used as an example. Why not ‘Your name’ and ‘’? Again, this is a Ghost-related bias.

Can’t you either allow us to change the wording or at least just adapt the wording to make it brand-neutral?

I presume this would only take minutes to amend and you would have brand-neutral wording - a no-brainer.

I would also appreciate something like by default. And I’m guessing maybe Jamie is already intended as a gender neutral name, but Larson is less neutral than may be thought (it seems to be a surname of specific culture, btw (I am of Asian background)).

I’m not sure what to change it to, though, for default, as “Name Surname” seems a bit too clinical. Maybe “Your Name” or “Full Name”?

I could submit a pull request to change that text in this modal, if Ghost team is open to that?


I also agree (I have a personal blog too) and will link this here

Unless I’m completely mistaken, I edited the theme file for this (think it was subscription.hbs) and replaced the placeholders.

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