Substack Import

Hello, I am working on importing all my work from two sites into ghost. I got the wordpress working, couldn’t export zip, but json worked.

Alas, with substack the export is zip, and within are separations for members and posts. That is fine, the members used a separate portal to import. Of which CSV worked, plus I only had a few, so I could just manually do them too.

It is the posts that I can’t get to work.
Ironically the help article doesn’t say ANYTHING about importing posts, despite the pricing page saying substack could be imported.

I tried importing the posts.csv, but it doesn’t work. Can’t do zip either.

I don’t want to manually copy over 110+ articles… again. (I’ve had to manually do it before for medium).

Note to mods: Template was useless in this case.

To import post content from Substack, you need to convert it into a Ghost compatible JSON file. You can use the migrate package for this, which is what we use for migrations. The docs for Substack migrations should help.

In a nut shell, it’s this command:

migrate substack /path/to/substack-file.csv

You’re right that the help article doesn’t mention importing content. I’ll make sure that gets updated!

Problem is that the ghost importer doesn’t work for it, and when it comes to npm/yarn I don’t have any of that installed on my computer.

Couldn’t find the CLI for ghost if that is a thing.

It is also weird substack exports only into the zip> 2 csvs with xml for each post.

Do you mean the importer in Ghost > Labs > Import content? If so, this is for importing content from one Ghost installation to another.

Ghost absolutely has a CLI, and once npm is up and running on your local machine, you can run ghost install local to have a local install.

Well then if that is the case, then this whole section is rather misleading.
" Migration Help

For customers who pre-pay annually, we’re happy to offer migration assistance to help import your content and members to Ghost(Pro).

  • Basic: Ghost, Substack, Medium, Patreon, Mailchimp, Revue, Buttondown
  • Standard: WordPress, Squarespace, Podia, Memberful
  • Business: HubSpot, RebelMouse

Find out more about migrating to Ghost."

Sure it says those are migrated for you if you pay for the yearly package. Ok cool, but it leads me to believe that any of those can be imported.

What I wanted from ghost was to consolidate my wordpress and substack blogs.

Now I’m not really a programmer, so my experience with CLI is quite limited. I couldn’t even find it in ghost. Although I’m trying to figure that out right now. I had to leave for a minute to go vote! lol

Thanks for answering this Paul, hopefully you can keep helping me understand what to do next.

I’m trialing ghost pro, and will pay for it after the trial. Does that make a difference? I don’t have it on my own server, which it seems that article you lead me to indicates that it is who it’s meant for.