Migrating from Substack to Ghost - Invalid File Type

Hi all,

As the title suggests. I’ve been having some trouble migrating from substack to ghost. I’ve exported the .zip file from Substack but whenever I go to upload it to Ghost I’m told it’s an invalid file type. What am I doing wrong here?

If you’re just uploading the zip file, that won’t work, as it’s not the right format. What are you trying to migrate?

Also, if you go to the Labs menu in Ghost, there’s a new Substack migration tool. Have you tried that?

It’s the zip file I received from substack. I’ve also tried the new migration tool. I have all of my previous substack posts as HTML files. I tried to upload that but it also didn’t work. I then converted them to json files, and that also didn’t work.

So, on substack I export all of my data. I receive a .zip file. When I go to ingest the zip file in Ghost it says invalid file type.

Thank you for the response, I appreciate your help on this! It’s been bugging me for weeks.