Substack migration for Ghost Pro without concierge?

Hello all. Newcomer to the platform. I am running a trial plan for Ghost (Pro) and will take the Starter plan. I wish to migrate content from my Substack. I have already exported the zip file from Substack, but am unable to understand how to implement the CLI instructions for creating a JSON file to import into Ghost Labs. Due to the economic situation, I cannot afford the Concierge service now.

Is it possible to do this at all? Or is Concierge the only way to go?

Here’s a guide from Ghost to migrate your members yourself :slight_smile:

Hi Vikas. I don’t have a problem migrating users.

I want to move my content (i.e. previously published Substack posts).

And edit: I’ve seen that linked guide, but it goes into technical details about migrating content and I am not a developer. Can you help answer my question with this clarification?

Unfortunately I’ve never needed to migrate content, so I’m not sure how much technical help I can provide. Once you get the migration utility installed, you can try running migrate substack --help to see what options are available. My understanding is the migrate utility will take a substack export and convert it to a ghost-compatible format. From there, you can import the content using Ghost’s content importer.

I appreciate the reply, Vikas.

I posted a more detailed log output in the “migrations” section, as a separate thread and I pray someone can help me. I understand the gist of what needs to be done, but troubleshooting the installation of the migration tool is what evades me.

I’m going to pat myself on the back for at least installing node.js, npm and giving it a shot. Maybe a Christmas miracle is possible!

Best wishes and happy holidays, Vikas. Feel free to lock this thread if needed.

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