Support Apple video formats (.mov for example) in the video card

Add the ability to upload videos recorded (or stored) on Apple devices such as iPhones into the video card.

Currently, the only way is to achieve this is to do the following:
1. Convert the video to mp4 etc (we use a premium iPhone app)
2. Send the video to a non-Apple device such as a Chromebook (Google Drive)
3. Upload it into the Ghost Editor video card

I am sure this is just a simple oversight with the development of the video card.

It feels like a very basic thing to be able to do especially considering how popular iPhones are for mobile creators.

For your information, we use Ghost Pro, although I’m not sure if that is relevant to this.

Thank you for your vote and I sincerely hope Ghost supports this request!

Ian Alderman

Ghost doesn’t do any processing on video files that you upload and uses the browser’s native video player to display videos. As such we only allow formats to be uploaded that will work universally on the various platforms that your visitors will be using.


Hi Kevin.

Unfortunately, uploading videos from an iPhone (which is what I use) doesn’t work, regardless of video format (mp4, WebM… etc) or browser used (Safari, Chrome, DuckDuckGo… etc)

It doesn’t bring up an error or any other message. It simply doesn’t work.

This might be my naivety, but it seems odd considering how prevalent iPhones are.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.

Ian Alderman

Oh, sorry it wasn’t clear from your original message and I thought you were referring to format support.

A bug fix for iOS video uploads was made just before the christmas break but hasn’t been released yet. Your issue should be resolved in the next Ghost release.

Hi Kevin.
I was talking about iOS formats as a way to get Ghost to work properly with Apple iPhones etc
However, I didn’t know it was a bug preventing Ghost from working with iOS!
Do you have any idea when the new Ghost will be realised, so that Ghost will work with iOS devices?
I have read that it should be this month (January 2024) based on your Major Versions and Long Term Support Page (
Thank you.

I think @Kevin meant a new minor/patch version, rather than a major/LTS release :slight_smile:

That update was releases yesterday: Release 5.75.3 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

The bug fix is also included: 🐛 Fixed video uploads hanging in editor when using iOS (#19302) · TryGhost/Ghost@1479c55 · GitHub

Since you’re on Ghost(Pro), this change should automatically be available for you.

5.75.3 didn’t contain this fix. There will be a larger release sometime soon but no definite timeline on it yet. The referenced commit will be shown in the release’s changelog notes when it’s included.

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Whoopsie – clicked on the “commits to main” instead of the changes to v5.75.3. My bad!

Hi Kevin.
Just following up on the thread to ask when you plan to roll out the Bug fix for iOS?
I know you’re now busy with ActivityPub, but we are super keen to know when this will it will be realised as it’s been a few months and you mentioned you already had the fix ready to roll out?

The fix went out in 5.76.0 released January 17th

Hi Kevin
Unfortunately the update doesn’t work.
We still can’t upload any video from an iPhone regardless of the file size and format of the video (mp4 etc).
We have tried all Ghost comparable formats and several different iPhones.
Do you have any ideas or recommendations for a solution to be able to upload videos from an Apple iPhone?
Thank you.

Hi Kevin (staff)
Have you managed to fix the bug that prevents video uploads from iOS?

I fully appreciate your efforts to try and fix the bug at the start of the year, however and unfortunately, it didn’t actually work!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Just to clarify I am using Ghost Pro!

Thank you.