Uploading video from iPhone - how?


Hi! Sorry for the radio silence – I’ve missed my Ghost forum community! My spouse sustained a spinal cord injury 2.5 weeks ago and it’s been a whirlwind of 9 days in the hospital, followed by two weeks of inpatient rehab three hours from home.

After CaringBridge accidentally deactivated his site, I’m using Ghost for updates for family and friends, and I’ve hit a new issue that might be a bug, or might just be user error. So I’m hoping one of you iPhone users can tell me what I’m doing wrong!

When I open a post in the editor, I can add images and otherwise edit the post as needed. (There’s some annoyances with not really having enough screen real estate on my small phone, but it’s workable.) EXCEPT for video. I have no problems uploading photos either using an image card or gallery card, but when I try to add a video with the video card, although I can select the video on the phone’s ‘photo gallery’ and it pretends to upload for a few seconds, nothing actually happens. I’ve tried with very short (just a few seconds) videos without success. When I pull the videos over to my windows laptop, it has a .mov extension and shows HEVC encoding.

If I email the video to my gmail account and then download it onto the laptop, THEN I can open it on the laptop. But I still can’t upload it, because it’s an MOV. If I open it with VLC media converter and then save it, THEN I can upload it.

I’m not sure if this is a Ghost question or an iPhone question, but I could use some hints on how to get these videos uploaded, without an intermediate processing step on the laptop. Please?

Bump. Surely I’m not the only iPhone Ghost user?