Complimentary month instead of year?

Maybe it’s just me missing the obvious, but when I set a member to ”complimentary” it seems that it will always give full year. Is there a way to make this a month instead?

Complimentary lasts forever, until an Admin explicitly removes it from a Member - changing it to a month wouldn’t make any difference!

Are you looking to give a Member complimentary access for a limited time?

I am engaging a few test pilots, and I would like to thank them with a complimentary month. Seems cheap, maybe, but a years membership is 750 USD since it includes advanced coaching.

I was browsing through the options on Stripe, but it seems they discouage us to use the test period function since it may mess things up at a later stage.

If you are self hosting Ghost then you might want to have a look at allow_promotion_codes which requires the following in the config. For me this file is called config.production.json. This will give you some flexibility with Stripe.

"enableStripePromoCodes": true,

Thanks mattcam, that’s a great tip. But I am not self hosting, but using the Ghost Pro service.

Right now we don’t support automatic cancelation of Complimentary subscriptions - so the only solution is to set yourself a reminder to cancel their subscription!

You’re welcome to post in our “Ideas” category for the feature request to automatically cancel a Complimentary subscription after a certain period of time!

Thanks, maybe I’ll do that. Meanwhile I solve it some other way.