What does the new Complimentary Subscription mean?

For the 3.4.0 release there is a release note about

  • Added ability to give members complimentary subscriptions

My question is just with regards to the use case of it. Generally just curious here.

It allows you to attach a zero-cost Stripe subscription to the member, giving them the same access level as a “paid” member.

We’ll be announcing it soon and releasing documentation for it :relaxed:


Oh okay, interesting. So you can basically give away free subscriptions to members?

Yup, exactly!

Great addition @fabien! One quick question. Can this only be enabled from within Ghost Admin? I have tried to give a user a complimentary subscription within Stripe, where you can also set and end date ( so for example you could give a user 1 week or 1 month free access to a paid subscription.) But it doesn’t seem to sync back to Ghost.

Disregard my message above @fabien. It took a little while for the changes in Stripe to sync back, but it works just perfectly fine now. Sorry for the confusion.

Comes in useful when your cousin is begging to get your paid content for free :smiley: