Sync Members with Discord Roles

Has anybody found a way to keep users in sync with a discord server?

We have a community and paid members have private channels that only they can access, currently using a spreadsheet to manage and people have to DM us to get added to the right roles, but I would like that streamlined the way memberful handles it -

any ideas on approaching this?

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I’d be interested in a potential solution for this as well, since having a custom server role in Discord is one of the perks I’d be offering to paying subscribers of my site.

There’s a Zapier trigger for Stripe subscriptions (which is what a paid Ghost subscriber is) and there’s a Discord action for ‘add user role’, which I think is the action you’re looking for?


Thanks @Cathy_Sarisky! I was able to set this up pretty easily. I’ll have to tweak it though when I start getting some subs.

+1 for Zapier. I think more people need to know about Zapier and how useful it can be in adding diverse functionality to their Ghost websites.

Unfortunately, Zapier gets quite expensive once you go past 100 tasks per month (which is pretty easy to do).

But for anyone with the budget, I’d highly recommend checking out Zapier!

I ended up recently getting this set up using Zapier and the Supercord bot - you need to have somewhere to capture the email address and discord user id. Supercord forces them to reply and 2FA their email. It is working really well.

Like Donald mentioned below, Zapier can get pricy - you could also do it with any other automation system I think. I just set up Zapier quickly to get it going, But anything that allows the triggers will work.

My flow is like this:

Stripe sub → add to Gsheet
Supercord webhook → add to Gsheet

Lookup sub email and in the discord email and if it is there, add the paying sub role.

If they cancel, do the lookup and remove the role.

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