Tag for "Paid" content only

I am using the Paywall feature and would like to summarize content for prospects, so they can see a bit better what to pay for. This is to attract my paid membership more by not only showing the signup button in each post with the preview feature, but also have an additional overview presenting “this is everything what you get when signing up”.

Is there any way to use paid-only content as tag? Otherwise, I would have to create a tag manually or even worse, create a page with selected paywall posts.
Thanks for helping!

Paid is not a tag, unless you manually make a tag. But you /can/ filter by ‘visibility’, which would allow you to use a filter of visibility:paid or visibility:-public as part of your #get request (or a routes.yaml filter parameter).

I’m not seeing in the documentation where you can filter posts by a specific tier. I previously hit a bug related to access & visibility settings with tiers, linked here: #get helper retrieve pages or posts correctly with tier restrictions · Issue #16250 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

Update: You can filter by whether a post is tier restricted, using visibility:tiers. If you add an include for tiers, you’ll get all the paid tiers for paid posts, or the specific tiers allowed for a tier-restricted post. What I haven’t yet figured out is what magical incantation lets you pull posts just for one specific tier.

Thanks so much. Sounds all great, but unfortunately this is not the solution I was looking for. So it seems I will have to build something manually, most likely using tags.

Sorry to hear that. If you can explain what you’re looking for more, or what you don’t understand about what I suggested, maybe I can help. :)

Thanks again for helping. I was looking to create a page /pro-content/ that only shows an overview of posts for paid members. I understand your logic, but my issue is, that my theme (Basho by fueko) does not support a template for post-grids. etc, other that on the main page.

Do you know what I mean?

You can totally do that with Basho with some minor theme edits. I’d start from a copy of home.hbs (or index.hbs, if no home.hbs is present - been a few weeks since I’ve worked on that theme), and look to add a {{#get}} request (just before the #foreach) that gets posts based on paid status. Add some text explaining what the page is, and you’re golden.

Thanks, that actually worked. For now, I´ve applied that filter on a section on the homepage. I´m waiting on feedback from the theme developer on how to duplicate the template and to apply it on a separate page.