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We just released two brand new official themes. Designed specifically for food writing and podcast creators, the Taste and Episode themes are free and available to install today!


Taste is an elegant, minimalist Ghost theme focused on food writing, that is integrated with memberships, newsletters, comments, search, and everything else you need to share recipes on a food blog.

Taste is fully responsive and styled, and can be easily adjusted to suit your brand in the design settings in Admin.

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The Episode theme allows podcasters to create a website to showcase the latest episodes, and give listeners the opportunity to support their work directly through memberships.

With Episode, you can quickly add your own custom styles and background colors, and add links to popular external platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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Does the Taste theme support recipe markup schema? I see no mention of that.

How compatible is Taste with apps that important recipes automatically from blogs? Where any tested?


Since it appears that you are still on your own for adding recipe schema markup to your recipes on Ghost, here’s how to do it manually:

It’s not bad if you have just a few recipes, but would get tedious if you had a lot of recipes to add and update in Ghost.

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I now have about 60 pages on my blog, and the #3 most popular post is “How to add recipe schema markup to Ghost”.

Clearly there’s some demand for deeper recipe support in Ghost.

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Thank you for a beautiful Taste theme with CTA right on the front page. It works like a breeze. ;)

One question, however,

how can I make the author of the blog posts visible on the article header?

@michell.leon You may need to follow a tutorial for customizing a Ghost theme.

Thanks, @markstos, but I would love to be able to do it via Code Injection if possible. It must be possible to add a little code to fix it… ;)

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