Taste theme Publication Logo too small

My custom publication logo appears extremely small. I’ve been messing around with Code Injection to change the size but nothing is working. Does anyone have any tips to make the image normal for the Taste theme specifically?

You can try the following:

.gh-head-logo img { height: 40px; width: auto; }

You should adjust the height value depending on your logo size and format.
It would be easier to help if you can share a link to your website.

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Here is the site link https://www.homecookmaverick.com/
I did paste in the section you shared within Code Injection but it doesn’t seem to adjust anything. Is there a different target name for the publication logo than .gh-head-logo?

Cause you have a max-height set as 40px.

Add this within the area

.gh-head-logo img {max-height: 75px;}

What 75px looks like on your site (adjust as wanted)

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