Taxonomy for Articles

I’ve used Hugo for a few sites and like how it does taxonomies. One site has a bunch of articles, with a number of taxonomies. One such example would be “Installing KVM on Ubuntu on a POWER9”. In this case we have a taxonomy of “Platform”, which has a term “Architecture” and value “ppc64le” (other values include amd64, mips64, mips64le, arm64). Another term under platform will be “Operating System”, which has values “Ubuntu 20.04”, “Windows Server 2019” and “OpenBSD 6.5”. Yet another term under “Platform” would be “Devices”, with terms “Erika”, “Talos II”, “Dell R730”.

Each value has it’s own page allowing a user to visit the page and learn more about it’s specs, architecture, operating systems, offical online documentation, some photos and links to articles. We do this because some devices have little to no information online.

The taxonomy, terms and values allows the user to gain additional context reading the article. They may land on a page talking about installing KVM, but then proceed to learn where to download Ubuntu for ppc64le, as well as other articles specific to installing Ubuntu on ppc64le, and creating ppc64 and ppc64le guests under KVM.

How would one go about organizing content this way in Ghost?

On a side note, a tag is but one taxonomy.

The nested taxonomies that you’re looking to implement aren’t really possible with Ghost, which favors a flatter taxonomic arrangement.

The organizational tools at your disposal are tags (as mentioned), custom routes/collections, and the {{#get}} helper.