Regrouping custom taxonomies

Hello everyone,
Ghost seems great but I need to categorize my tags like the Plugin Custom Post/Tags UI for Wordpress does. I need to regroup tags under categories like Geographical Area, Types, Providers and so on… Is there a way to do that in Ghost ?

Hi @cercec, would you be able to provide examples of what “Geographical Area, Types, Providers” look like? Would also know the kind of site you’re trying to create :slight_smile:

Hello @DavidDarnes ! I am building a website of digital resources on russian and east-europeans worlds. The website will be a portal pointing to lots of historical, sociological and political resources (online collections, movies, images, etc.). I am currently assessing different headless CMS but none of theme have the capabilities of Wordpress or Drupal concerning taxonomies. For example, the group Geographical Area would have “Russia”, “Caucasus”, “Central Asia”, etc. as tags. The group Types would be “Library”, “Video”, “Images”, “Database”, etc. The group Providers would be “ACME Museum”, “XYZ Publishing House”, etc.
One possibility to do that is to create a collection for each group of tags and a relation between the principal object and the group collection. For that, it seems you need to have the different taxonomies collections already complete. But I have to be able to create the tags on the fly when I insert new posts in the main collection. And not go to each collection of tags, add the good tags, and then create the post.

I see, thanks for sharing. Seems very complex, are you sure you need all those taxonomies? Sounds like the tags wouldn’t collide with each other, you could use tags in Ghost as they are and apply locations as well as other attributes to each post. Ghost does have a primary tag too, which is the first tag applied to the post. The primary tag could be the location, and then content could be grouped by the other tags you mentioned?

I could only use tags but how do I have retrieve geographical tags, or types tags to regroup them on the user interface ? I think I am stuck with Wordpress or Drupal, who offer this kind of behaviour and complex management of taxonomies :frowning:

Do you mean actual geographical values, as in x and y, or do you mean location names? Tags are already in groups. Everything tagged in London, for example, would be in /tags/London/. I would be more helpful if you shared the interface you’re trying to achieve