Telegram Instant View Support

Add Telegram Instant View Support into Ghost

Not possible at the moment if telegram doesn’t allow the domain into their system.
But, Ghost can help them to prioritise which domain that should be added by adding telegram channel option into the meta data. i know this can be done from theme code, but it’s more blogger friendly if done from the setting panel.

like what i suggested here

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@Sarah it’s possible to make manually for your dedicated website. Just visit:, and generate new template.

For example, here is an instant view template for digest - theme posts:

~version: "2.0"

?exists: //meta[@property="og:type"]
!exists: //meta[@content="article"]

body:     //article/section[has-class("gh-content")]
title:    $body//h1[1]
cover:    //figure[has-class("gh-article-image")]
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Unfortunately telegram doesn’t accept any new domain or template. Yes it’s possible but not as good as accepted domain

That’s not true. Telegram provides wide ability to setup instant view for your personal resource.

All you need is to:

  1. Build correct rules (check my example for digest-theme above)
  2. Go through at least 10 urls and verify that everything looks nice and sweet
  3. Submit template

Template won’t be accepted unless you’re one of their admin

Read for all telegram users part

You right, so you could create your own template for your own website. And verify it, by making those three action I highlighted above.