Telegram Integration

Hi Team,

Is it possible to connect Telegram with Ghost so my Channel is mirrored on my Ghost website?

So for example:
I have a Telegram Channel where I am sharing news articles from various news sources by pasting links, recording voice messages and share own text messages.
Whenever I share a news anything in this channel, I would like it to appear on my website under a specific tag, e.g. “Telegram Feed”.

Is this possible at all or is this a very complex issue?

Thank you for your time reading this so far.

Best wishes

It’s certainly possible, but not something that is built in to Ghost/can be built in to Ghost.

The way to go is a custom integration, which you can either build yourself with code or by using something like Zapier or Make.

Zapier’s Telegram integration doesn’t have a “watch for messages” trigger, but Make’s does. It’s called “watch updates”.

You’d just need to pair that up with a the “Create a Post” action from Make’s Ghost integration and you should be good to go.

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Hi Jannis,
Thank you for your suggestions, I will certainly look into the options!

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I developed such integration but stumbled upon a bunch of issues:

  • How to define the title of the article?
  • How to correctly insert media? Should I take the first picture and set it as the title image, or should I insert multiple pictures directly into the article?
  • How to process Telegram hashtags?

Eventually, I gave up, and my single customer also lost interest in it.

The easier way to do the same is to use Ghost as the source of truth. This is how I write my own blog: I write posts in Ghost, and then they sync to Telegram. It’s easier because in Ghost you have a structure (picture, title, tags) and you can map it to Telegram without writing complex “guessing” logic.

Check out how it looks like:
My blog:
My telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @full_of_hatred

If you are interested in this, let me know. Initially, I planned to make a SaaS from it, but the customer base is small, and Telegram is not popular in the West, so I doubt there are enough people willing to pay for it. So I abandoned the SaaS idea and am running this project only for myself.

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That sounds like a painful process.

Once I am up and running properly (still tied in with my 9-5 job), I will try, but this might require a joint effort with experts.

Great looking blog btw!

Sorry for offtopic, but which theme you use at your blog?

I’m using customized Alto theme: GitHub - rozhok/Alto: A clean, minimalist theme featuring a light and dark mode for Ghost

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If you know how to use python you can try use my code;

Obviously you need to edit that code for telegram. I’m using integration between flarum and ghost.

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I am very interested, and Telegram is gaining extreme traction in the west, especially in Germany, UK and USA. I do believe this is a way forward, and I am happy to discuss this more and do testings.