The alt image button when creating a post is not working?

I was creating a post earlier, when I tried to add an alt text for the featured image the button is not clickable?

It used to switch between caption and alt text, I tried switching my theme to casper and retested but still not working? Anyone else have this issue?

alt button

Browser and operating system? (It’s working fine for me, Ghost Pro, recent Chrome, Windows 10.)
This problem is not theme-related. The theme doesn’t have anything to do with the Ghost editor. So you’d suspect either a problem with Ghost core (but the fact that I’m not seeing it suggests not) or something browser-related. Can you test in another browser?

Update: I’m now also seeing the problem. I wonder if I caught it after your Ghost site had updated and before mine had? Sorry about that!

I opened an issue over on Github: The [alt] button below featured images is no longer functional. · Issue #16957 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

Fixed in Release 5.50.3 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

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