4.9.3 - post featured image

Over the weekend I updated my blog (https://sweatyspice.com) and today I went to create a new post (I use Ulysses on the Mac to write, then upload, and finish the meta data creation before publishing it).

Version 4.9.3
On Digital Ocean, Ubuntu 20.04 droplet, all updated

I see this when I go to the “Post Settings” sidebar:

Furthermore, if I go to my latest published posts, the “featured image” is now inline:

Is this the new normal?

Blog - Sweatyspice


Yes. The feature image redesign with alt and caption support was introduced in 4.9.0

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Is there documentation on how to use this? Rules about where to put the image (I presume it is the top/first line of the post)

I didn’t see anything in the “What’s new” in this

Hopefully it’s fairly self-explanatory :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Perfect. And I figured it out. I didn’t see the mouseover for the featured image. Now I am rolling my eyes at my own ignorance.

Much thanks!

My theme isn’t loading the feature image caption - what’s the variable name?


You can see where support was added to Casper here for reference Add alt and caption support to feature images by minimaluminium · Pull Request #812 · TryGhost/Casper · GitHub

Thank you, sir, this did the trick!

Are such changes announced somewhere? (Pls don’t tell me to monitor the commit log, I’m really not paying for Ghost Pro to do these kind of things)

I was really like the OP surprised when this feature suddenly wasn’t where it used to be? As much as I like the new approach a short prior heads up would’ve been nice. Thanks.

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