The MRR displayed on the Explore page does not seem to have a unified currency unit

The MRR displayed on the Explore page does not seem to have a unified currency unit. This can be misleading. I can see my site ( is listed along with those highest revenue creators, with an MRR of $14K. However, that’s in New Taiwan Dollar, and the exchange rate of NTD to USD is approximately 30:1.

Also — I found that I can’t find my site when using this language filter.

“中文” means Chinese, and this term usually includes both Traditional Chinese (zh-hant) and Simplified Chinese (zh-hans). However, it seems that here in Ghost Explore it only means Simplified Chinese (zh-hans), and that’s why my site is excluded. I’d suggest to have both since users of either one can understand each other.

Thanks for pointing this out! The TWD was missing as a currency, so I added it and updated your site to show the correct MRR.

wrt to the language: the filter will only show the first 11 languages of sites, and they are sorted by popularity. As soon as I filter for your site, I can see the correct language is being shown to select:

Once the language is filtered, you can remove the input filter and see all sites in that language.

Alternatively, this URL will filter for all sites in that language:

Thanks for the reply. As for the language issue, what I mean is that the characters “中文” shown in the pic that I attached in the previous post basically mean Chinese, including Simplified Chinese (zh-hans) and Traditional Chinese (zh-hant). So if anyone chooses this should be able to see my site if it’s popular enough. However, what we have now is “中文” only represents Simplified Chinese (zh-hans), which is wrong. As I argued, you should have sites of both Simplified Chinese (zh-hans) and Traditional Chinese (zh-hant) under the “中文” language category, since users of either one basically understand each other.

I see what you mean. When on the main page and filtering for 中文, this will only include sites with a language locale set to zh (no specification). Those are most sites; hence, it’s shown in the filter as an option. The language locale is taken directly from the site, and nothing we can influence.

When you, e.g. check out the Music category page under which your site is listed, the correct language will be shown in the filter, as it’s now one of the most used language locales in this category.

You can also search for sites with the correct language locale. Typing zh-hant or zh-hans will show you all sites with that locale set.

I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing. What I mean is that my site is not listed when filtered for “中文” (zh). If I understand you correctly, this filtering should be able to list sites from both zh-hant and zh-hans.

Top Music Creators & Newsletters | Ghost → This does not list my site when it should.
Top Music Creators & Newsletters | Ghost → This does list my site.

I fully understand what you mean. This is just not how it’s implemented.

Explore renders the language locales exactly as they are set up in peoples’ sites, and when the majority of people only entered zh as the language, this is what we render. Therefore, the results of the two links are expected, as your site is not zh but zh-hant and would, therefore, only show in this filter.

However, I agree that it could be an option to include the locales with a specification like hant or hans in the non-specific locale, and I will pass it back to the team to consider this feature.