New tiers in wrong currency (And reset MRR data on dashboard)

I just added a new tier to our and it was added in the wrong currency. We’re not ready to roll tiers out so this was just us testing.

We use GBP, and it’s added in USD.

It created a new product in Stripe, instead of adding prices to our existing one too. I was able to edit the monthly currency, but not the annual currency.

This also broke the MRR graph on the dashboard too.

And changed parts of the theme elements as well on our membership page. Pulling in the new tiers price on monthly, and annual instead of the core tier.

I suspect the dashboard is now showing the MRR on the new tier, instead of overall. Ditto with the membership page, which we’ve temporarily hardcoded the correct prices into the theme for now so we aren’t misselling.

I know you can’t yet delete tiers, which I suspect would be the most obvious fix. So is there anything I can do to:

  1. Reconnect the dashboard so it shows the global MRR
  2. Change the currency when creating a new tier

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