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Bookmarker and Versions! Thank You!!!

Image editing? Why not something like GitHub - scaleflex/filerobot-image-editor: Edit, resize, and filter any image! Any questions or issues, please report to ?

Not understanding the choice to provide a paid option?

Could someone please explain why the Ghost team is promoting a paid option?

In context, seems a bit odd…


Couple of notes on the new editor:

– The HTML editor doesn’t wrap as it once did, at least on my instance. Goes off the right edge of the editor, with a scroll bar at the bottom.
– The Markdown editor is about a half-line too small at the bottom, cutting off the bottom of letters on the last line.
– Clicking out of either editor to close the editor and return to the main text seems to take multiple clicks until I find the sweet spot.

I’ve turned these in via the feedback form.

The inline image editing feature looks useful, but as a self hosting user I don’t want to pay another $150 for a feature that’s widely available for free outside of Ghost. It makes no sense for Ghost to do this and I hope it is not the start of adding 3rd party paid for features to the platform.

There is a free solution here Filerobot Image Editor Demo. I’m not technical enough to know how to add this free resource into my version of Ghost editor….but maybe someone out there does?

Or could Ghost give us the option and include the open source version as a choice?


I have an issue with the new editor. I don’t find “post history”. Is there someone in that case ?

Did you activate the new editor in /ghost/#/settings/labs?

Imported posts are having problems.
I can’t edit them and they don’t display either. the only solution is to redo the content.
One observation is that this happens whenever posts are imported while the new editor is active. If the import occurs while it is deactivated it does not show errors afterwards.
There are problems when an article is edited on mobile devices. The changes are not saved and do not stay in the history.

Can you please say more about how you’re importing them? Are they an exported .json file from another Ghost site, or something else?

.json files. But the previous Ghost instance was working without the new editor.

Interesting. I’ve done a bunch of importing from json and not seen the problem. But I’m not certain I had the new editor on. Will test.
(Update below.)

Thank you for your attention. In the last post I fixed, I was getting this error.

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Interesting. Does the .json for that particular post have both a mobiledoc and a lexical entry? Or does it look ok in the json but clearly isn’t after importing? I’m wondering if this is problem with the import code or the export code.

I have the json saved. If you want to download it to study I can make it available.

Ahha. I just managed to reproduce it. Will strip it down to the simplest possible repro and then file a bug.

How nice that you were able to reproduce it

Well, it’d be nicer if there was no bug, but it’s a whole lot easier to get a reproducible bug fixed. :slight_smile:

Update: I don’t think it matters which editor you have active when you try to import. Does that match your experience? It’s that lexical posts don’t import correctly (and are bugged in a way that they cannot be edited), but editor setting at the time of import doesn’t appear to matter.

Bug filed: Posts created with Lexical editor are not editable after being imported - they end up with both mobiledoc and lexical fields set · Issue #17167 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub


I’m quite enticed to give it a try, but I think I’ll wait about a year before starting to use this editor. The current editor is already a decade ahead of WordPress, so I don’t see a compelling reason to experiment with something in beta that carries the risk of causing issues or disruptions.

Thanks, @Cathy_Sarisky, for raising this bug. I wanted to just chime in that I unfortunately encountered this problem tonight as well. :slightly_frowning_face:

And yes, to your question: it didn’t matter which editor I had toggled at the time of import. If the post was initially written in lexical, then it simply won’t import correctly. If it was initially written in mobiledoc, then everything works fine.

My specific workflow is I actually create posts on my localmachine, make sure they look like I expect (especially because I’ll sometimes tweak the theme too) and then when I’m happy I’ll export from my local machine and import that .json onto my Ghost(Pro) instance (and a new corresponding theme, if necessary). (Also, on my Ghost(Pro) instance, I always do delete everything before importing the new .json.)

The workaround right now is to just make sure all of one’s posts and pages are written in mobiledoc, I guess? Like you said in your GitHub issue, the actual json I’m importing is correctly formatted and mobiledoc is indeed set to null:


The problem is something in the importer itself.

I’d already written about half of my posts and pages in lexical but I’ll go back now and manually convert them all into mobiledoc. Am hoping this bug will get fixed soon though! :pray: As it’s definitely a dealbreaker that makes lexical not possible in my current workflow.

I’m adding the actual error message in text so SEO can actually find this post:

Validation error, cannot edit post. Posts can have either a mobiledoc or a lexical property, never both. Both the mobiledoc and lexical properties are set, one must be null

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How can I activate the stickers feature? I just purchased the license, the integration was activated, but the stickers option is not available in the editing tools.

In the photo editor, the sticker option is on the left (1). Once selected, upload your sticker image (2).

I have the self-hosted version of Ghost, and I uploaded the files listed on the integrations page. Still no sticker option appears, or is there an extra step required?

Ghost version: 5.53.4
Node version: 16.13.0
SO: Ubuntu 20.04