The Reply button is missing in a forum post

I am trying to reply to this post:

However, the Reply button is not displayed. It does display when I am logged out. But when I log in, it disappears. I’ve tried 3 different browsers and got the same issue on all of them. Does anyone know what the problem is?

There’s also a message that states “Please wait a day between posts in this topic” - what does that mean?

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It’s working fine for me there and -obvz - here. I can’t therefore help beyond giving you that info.

The statement is self explanatory. So, perhaps you meant to ask, “Why is the frequency of reply limited to once every 24 hrs for each forum member for this post?”

I didn’t know that was possible until I saw your post. I also do not know how it would be implemented. I do know why I might use such an option, but you don’t want my opinion for my posts. If this is what you meant to ask, then it is the author’s reason that you seek and, of course, you find yourself unable to ask the author on that post.


Have you tried messaging the author directly?

Thanks for replying. You are correct, what I intended to ask was exactly as you stated - why the need to wait 24 hours?

The thing is, I hadn’t posted to the forum since June 22nd. What I did do is Vote for the Idea. I don’t recall if the Reply button was displayed before I voted. Perhaps the 24-hour clock started ticking when I voted?

Regardless, the Reply button was visible to me today, and I was able to reply to the post.

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Makes sense and I’ve voted too :blush:

OK, quite by accident writing another post, I think I’ve found out why this happens.

I realised I’d not been clear in a new post and went back a few times to edit it - a problem of mine being Dyslexic.

This resulted in my post being put in, “Slow down mode” or something similar and being asked to wait 24hrs before more additions from me.

I think it’s a good thing overall. But it means those like me (perhaps with dyslexia or simply when a bit excited about a topic) should write their post in a separate off-line editor then get a cup of tea to help get it ‘just so’ before copying it over here.

PS: I’m confining my assessment entirely to myself, not others and certainly not you.

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Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for the info and your persistence with this!

Yeah, I typically write stuff offline first before I post. However, that’s me being anal-retentive and wanting to be as clear as possible so it’s easy to understand. But even that doesn’t always work, lol.

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Now that sounds familiar
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

The ideas forum is specifically in slow mode all the time. You should be able to post and edit safely elsewhere, although there might be some additional restrictions on very new accounts to reduce spam. :)

Source: I edit my typos — a lot!

Edited: yeah, like that. :)

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