Send email feature not visible / available

may i kindly ask for your support @community ? :smiley:
i’m new to ghost since 2 days and under the 14 days free trial version
i ve uploaded and activated a theme called ruby

i basically want to write post and send newsletter hence i was looking for that feature

but for me as i write a post, i do not see the “email” box (test, preview etc…)
i just have the basic post option (publish/unpublish)

is it due to ghost itself ?
to the fact i’m under the trial version ?
due to the theme i’m using ?

FYI i’m no developper guys…just able to tweek the htlm and css a bit hence i 'm looking for any help available here :wink:
thanks everyone :+1:

addendum : here is the help i 'm referencing to ie where it’s explained that the newsletter / email feature should be visible…but is not to me.

@sebrob that help article is part of a series, if you start at the beginning and work through using the nav on the left or the “Next” links at the bottom of each article that should help :slight_smile:

FYI, as you’re a Ghost(Pro) customer you can get priority 1:1 support by emailing If you have any further questions please email that address and the support team can help you directly!